25 Meter Centre Fire Pistol Match

This match is for male competitors using centre fire pistols or revolvers. The
course of fire, targets and distance are the same as for the SPORT PISTOL
event for female competitors, with a few restrictions in the pistol specifications.
Centre Fire is NOT an Olympic event but is very popular and is contested at
World Championships, Continental Championships and at other major
competitions. The World Record is 590 points.


AMMUNITION: Centre Fire ammunition in calibres from .32 - .38 may be used
(7.62– 9 mm in metric terms).
COURSE OF FIRE: The 60 shot match is shot in two stages; the 30 shot
Precision and the 30 shot Rapid Fire (Duelling) Course. Five sighting shots may
be fired at the commencement of each stage.

TIME LIMIT: Precision: 6 minutes for each 5 shot series.
Timed Fire: During each 5 shot series the target is shown 5
times for a 3 second period each time. The time between each
appearance is 7 sec. in the "edge on" position. One shot must
be fired during each exposure. The shooter must lower his arm
into the "READY" position after each shot, and wait for the
target in this position.