50 Meter Pistol (Free Pistol)

Free Pistol is the "Classical" event of the pistol disciplines, and considered by
many as the most difficult. It is a precision event for men, using .22 cal rimfire
ammunition, with single shot pistols. The scoring rings on the 25 & 50m Precision
Targets used for this competition from 7 through 10 are black and the 10 ring
measures 50 mm. The same target is used for the 25m Standard Pistol, and the
Precision part of the Centre Fire and Sport Pistol events. To reach the very high
scores required for winning top level international competitions, shooters use
highly specialised pistols designed for such competitions, with the appropriate
degree of mechanical precision and extremely light trigger pulls. Self discipline,
self control, steady hold, and perfect sight alignment are necessary for shooting
this match well. The World Record is 581 by the Russian Melentev, set at the
Moscow Olympic Games in 1980. (Scores around 565 points are considered as
world class results.)

PISTOL: The term "FREE PISTOL" refers to the lack of mechanical restrictions in
the rules. There is no weight restriction except that the gun must be held in one
hand, without any other support. The calibre must not exceed 5.6 mm (.22 cal.)
with rimfire specifications. The rules permit the use of other pistols equipped with
a magazine but it may be loaded only with one cartridge at a time. Some of these
auto loaders are quite accurate and in the hands of a good shooter can produce
very good scores.

AMMUNITION: .22 cal (5.6.mm) LR rimfire ammunition is to be used.

COURSE OF FIRE: The competition is 60 shots, scored as 6 x 10 shot series. 5
shots are fired on a target. The final is 10 shots and the final score and
competition score are aggregated to produce the overall result.

TIME LIMIT: 2 hours
Final: 75 seconds per shot