Sport Pistol

The 25M Pistol Match is an Olympic and World Championships International event for women. The challenge in this event for competitors is achieving mastery in the different techniques required for the precision (shot on the 25 & 50m Precision Target) and duelling (shot on the 25m Rapid Fire target) stages of the event. When duelling, the shooter must lower her arm into the "READY" position after each shot, and wait for the target in this position. Once the target appears, the shooter has only 3 seconds to fire the shot and even internationally shooters have been late in releasing the shot losing 10 points from their score. In Australia men and women may shoot this as an "open" event as it is great practice and a good introduction to the "Centre Fire" event – the international match for men. The world record stands at 594 points.

PISTOL: Any .22 calibre (5.6 mm) rimfire pistol chambered for the long rifle cartridge
may be used, except for single shot pistols. The weight, size, dimensions and trigger pull
weight of the pistols are limited by the rules for the match. No “muzzle brakes” are

AMMUNITION: Any .22 cal. rimfire ammunition may be used.

TARGET: Same as for the "Centre Fire Match" match.

COURSE OF FIRE: The 60 shot match is shot in two stages; the 30 shot Precision
stage and the 30 shot Rapid Fire (Duelling) Course. Five sighting shots may be fired at
the commencement of each stage.

TIME LIMIT: Precision: 6 minutes for each 5 shot series.
Rapid Fire: During each 5 shot series the target is shown 5 times for a
3 second period each time. The time between each appearance is 7
sec. in the "edge on" position. One shot must be fired during each
Final: 4 x 5 shots fired as per the Rapid Fire stage