Air Pistol

Air Pistol competitions are Olympic Events and are also shot in all World, Continental and Regional Championships and Games (Commonwealth Games Etc.) The 60 shot match is for Men and Male Juniors and the 40 shot Air Pistol is for Women and Female Juniors. Air pistols are not toys but extremely precise instruments, capable of excellent accuracy. Buying an air pistol as your first pistol is about the best choice one can make, for the easiest and best way to learn the basic fundamental techniques of pistol shooting is with the Air Pistol.

PISTOL: Any 4.5 mm. (.177 calibre) compressed air or gas pistol may be used.

SPECIFICATION: Size, dimensions, weight, trigger pull weight etc. are governed by the
regulations for this match and details may be found in the Rule book.

AMMUNITION: Any 4.5 calibre (.177 cal) projectiles, made of lead or similar soft material.

TARGET: The international Air Pistol target is used.

DISTANCE: 10 metres.

COMPETITION: The program for MEN and Male Juniors is 60 competition shots, consisting
of and scored as 6 series of 10 shots.
The program for WOMEN and Female Juniors is 40 competition shots,
consisting and scored as 4 series of 10 shots.

TIME LIMIT: Total Time Limit for the 60 shot match is 1 hour and 45 minutes
Total Time Limit for the 40 shot match is 1 hour and 15 minutes
Final 75 seconds per shot for 10 shots.
Both these times include unlimited sighting shots that may be fired at the beginning of the
match, before the first competition shot is fired. After the first competition shot no more sighting
shots are allowed.

COURSE OF FIRE: After the "Load" and "START" command is given by the Range
Officer, the shooter can fire his/her shots within the allocated shooting time. The shooters
change their own targets by the use of the target carrier systems, and a competition officer will collect them for scoring. There are various rules governing the match and these can be found in the appropriate rule books.