Air Rifle


The Air Rifle event is shot from 10 metres at a target with just a 0.5 millimetre dot as the ten ring. The skill of the competitors lies in being able to maintain perfect balance, and the correct mixture of relaxation & tension in the different muscle groups in order to achieve the high scores demanded by this event. Competitors wear specially designed clothing which provides support and aids stability. As an interesting point, both the 60 shot and 40 shot world records stand at a perfect score! At the end of the qualification round, the top 8 shooters proceed to a 10 shot final. The match is decided by the aggregate of the qualification and final scores achieved.

RIFLE: Any type of compressed air or gas rifle which conforms with the specifications may be used, however gas rifles are seldom used at international level, with competitors favouring the more accurate compressed air models. The total length of the rifle system (from the back end of the mechanism to the muzzle) may not exceed 850 mm, and the weight must be less than 5.5kg. Other specifications, including clothing rules are detailed in the regulations.

AMMUNITION: 4.5 mm (.177 cal) pellets typically made of lead. The high accuracy required makes ammunition testing a necessity for success in this event.

COURSE OF FIRE: The Air Rifle Match consists of 60 shots for men and 40 for Women, shot in the standing position. Unlimited sighting shots may be fired only before the beginning of the match, but both the sighting and match shots must be completed within the total time limit.

TIME LIMIT: 1 hour 45 minutes for Men,
1 hour 15 minutes for Women.
Final: 75 seconds per shot