Three Position Small Bore Rifle

In the 3 x 40 Three Position Rifle Event (known just as the “3P” Match)
competitors fire their .22 calibre rifles from three different positions – prone,
standing and kneeling, in that order. The match is shot at a distance of 50 metres
on the same target as the 50m prone match.

The 3P match for men is considered the “marathon” of shooting events. It is nearly
always held last in the program of competition and it is technically and physically
the most demanding of the rifle matches lasting over 3 hours. Competitors in both
the men’s and women’s matches must achieve excellence in three separate and
technically different positions in order to succeed in this event. The World Records
for both the women’s and men’s matches are quite comparable – 594 for women,
and 1186 for men. At the completion of the qualification round, a 10 shot final is
contested in the standing position by the top 8 competitors.

RIFLE: .22 cal Rimfire Rifles that comply with the regulations for the match may
be used. The rifle may not exceed the weight of 8 kg (men) or 6.5 kg for women.
There are no restrictions on trigger pull weight. Other specifications of the rifle are
detailed in the Rifle Rules. No compensators, muzzle brakes or perforated barrels
are allowed. Corrective lenses or telescopes may not be attached to the rifle.

AMMUNITION: .22 cal ( LR. Rimfire ammunition is to be used.

COURSE OF FIRE: For men the match is 120 shots – 40 shots in each of the
Prone, Standing and Kneeling positions. For women, the match is 60 shots – 20
shots in each of the Prone, Standing and Kneeling positions. Unlimited sighting
shots may be fired only before the beginning of each competition position.

TIME LIMIT: Men: Prone: 45 mins, Standing: 1hr. 15mins, Kneeling: 1hr.
There is a 10 minute changeover time between positions.
Women: 2hrs, 15 mins in total
Finals: 75 seconds per shot