Foundation Members

Organised Pistol Shooting started in Victoria with the formation of the VSSA Pistol Club by George & Rita Rogers on 23rd May 1955 and led to the formation of the Victorian Amateur Pistol Association (VAPA) by the Club Executive.

Participation in the 1956 Olympic Games, in Melbourne, was seen by the founders as a step to overcoming the existing restrictive legislation and establishing the sport on a permanent basis.

The Club name was changed to Melbourne Pistol Club in 1958, and then to Melbourne International Shooting Club in 1977. 

The foundation members of the Club, and of Victorian Pistol Shooting were:

George J Rogers Foundation President
Rita R Rogers Foundation Secretary
Walter M Albert W Roy Batrouney
Colin J Baxter Vernon J Bennet
Johannes Blom Melville H V Blundell
Richard B Butters Peter Carr
Clonard J Clark John E Davies
Robert A Donaldson Ronald G Evans
Hugh T Fry Jack Herring
Norman F Jackson Clarence J Kellett
Richard C Kellett Walter J Lillye
F John V Maitland Walter Maynard
S Owen Morris Kevin O'Neil
Jeffrey R Palmer Ivan Quirk
H Douglas Rogers Harry Scott
Jack H Smith Maxwell B Tilley
John Windle