Life Members

Life membership of the club has been awarded to those members who have met one or more of the following criteria:

Contributed over an extended period to the development of Melbourne International Shooting Club and/or the sport of shooting within the club;

Served as an ambassador for the sport of shooting and raised the awareness and acceptance of shooting within the community, media or government bodies;

Contributed through their work or activity to the operation and management of the sport at a state or national level over an extensive period of time;

The following individuals have been awarded life membership of the club:


 Des D Boseley
 Lesley M Boseley
 Kim Frazer
 Vale Valentine G Gardner
 Fiona M Gonczol
 Vale Tibor Gonczol
 Leonard R Haywood
 Vale Rodney Johnson (OAM)
 Peter R Kelly
 Reginald G McCready
 Valerie M McCready
 Vale George Rogers
 Rita R Rogers
 Neville Sayers
 Vale Phillip J P Schofield
 Ada M Scott
 Robert L Scott
 Vale Alex S Slifka (Snr)
 Robert W Stagg
 Marven R Syer

 Clive M Woods