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The Melbourne International Shooting Club offers both smallbore rifle and pistol shooting disciplines.

The club has recently introduced Single Action Shooting Australia which requires the skilled use of period specific rifles, coach guns and single action revolvers.


MISC can accommodate almost all of the Victoria Government Approved Pistol Matches with the following currently programmed in our calendar:-

25 Meter Centre Fire Pistol Match

25 Meter Rapid Fire Pistol

25 Meter Standard Pistol

50 Meter Pistol (Free Pistol)

Air Pistol

Black Powder

Classic Pistol Match

Sport Pistol

Service Pistol/Service Pistol Unrestricted/Service Pistol 25 Yards 

Combined Services (M32/M60)


Benchrest Match

Air Rifle

Free Rifle and Sport Rifle Prone

Three Position Small Bore Rifle